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Dog Walking Services

  Our Dog Walking services are not available to un-neutered males over 8 months old

Mon - Fri : £10 p/hr.  10:00 hrs - 16:00 hr 
Sat/Sun  £20 p/hr. 10:00 hrs - 13:00 hrs  (April to October only)

Doggy Walks:

Pups to Seniors within a group of 3-4 dogs, more socialised dogs can be in larger groups.

Solo Dog walking  £15.

Your dog will get a minimum of an hours walking time.  On the side of caution, If I feel your dog is not obedient enough on recall, I will keep it leashed until we are in an environment that is suitable and safe for dogs to run free.



Smaller Groups:

For those who prefer their dogs walked in smaller groups, my wife Anne provides this service.

Please note: Additional charges will apply to pups under 8 months old for any of our services
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