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Doggy Walks Services

  Our services are not available to un neutered males over 9 months old

Puppy Visits & Comfort Breaks: Mon - Fri £7.50
        Additional travel costs may be applied        Sat - Sun £12.00
This is ideal for pups and senior dogs that need a visit during the day,
to stretch their legs and be let out to toilet and of course lots of TLC . 

Training ( fee's vary depending on requirements )

Doggy Walks can help with puppy training in the crucial 8 to 16 week socialization period of your young dogs life. Advise on family / owner training including do's and don'ts and general concerns. Obedience training for dogs 4 months to 12 months old and corrective training for older dogs. 

Doggy Walks: Mon - Fri £10 p/hr. Usually between 10:00 hrs - 16:00 hrs
                                         Sat £20 p/hr. 10:00 hrs - 13:00 hrs

Pups to Seniors within a group of 3-4 dogs, more socialised dogs can be in larger groups.

Dog walking on a 1 - 2 - 1 basis priced at £15.

Your dog will get a minimum of an hours walking time.  On the side of caution, If I feel your dog is not obedient enough on recall, I will keep it leashed until we are in an environment that is suitable and safe for dogs to run free.



Smaller Groups:

For those who prefer their dogs walked in smaller groups, my wife Anne provides this service.

Doggy Day Care: Mon/Fri        £23        09:30 hrs - 16:00 hrs  

Sat/Sun        £28        10:00 hrs - 16:00 hrs

An additional charge of £7 if you require Daycare extended to boarding on the day

Day Care preference is offered to Clients who regularly use our 'Walking' Services

Doggy Day Care is perfect for owners who lead busy lives and hectic schedules. Drop your dog off or have it collected, for a day full of activity, exercise, excursions, 'Scooby' snacks and maybe a nap. East Lothian has an abundance of dog friendly places to visit, beaches, rivers, country side and hills, Your dog will have a full day. This service will be declined if your dog is not comfortable within pack environment.

Please note: Additional fees are chargeable out with these times, as are picks ups drop-offs . Price applies to dogs over 10months old. See T's and C's


Home Boarding: £25 p/night  Price applies to dogs over 9 months old. See T's and C's
Boarding is only offered after a successful probationary period of Daycare and Walks, especially within a pack situation.
Please note: Additional charges will apply to pups under 9 months old for any of our services. Male pups over 9 months old must be neutered for our boarding services.
Drop off and Collection of your dog is Stictly between our opening hours.

Additional charges will apply outside these times. Our Pick-up and Drop off services are chargeable outwith 5 mile radius.

Our Terms and Conditions must be signed by owners, prior to use of any of our services.


Boarding preference is offered to Clients who regularly use our 'Walking' Services

Home Boarding offers all of the above but with added peace of mind your dog is living as part of our family, (being spoilt really) in a non smoking environment, surrounded by familiar domestic smells, sounds and sights, whatever the season, leaving you completely free to enjoy your weekend break, wedding, family holiday or business trip. Please bring your dogs bedding or crate, favourite toys, usual food, any specific treats and of course, if relevant, their medication.


Prices are not increased for Weekends, Public and Seasonal Holidays. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions page.

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